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PhD in Architecture 

Erçin Polat (pronounced /ˈarchin/) was born on November 29, 1983, in Iskenderun, Turkey, into a distinguished Turkish commercial family. His family has a significant history in the mining and transportation industries in the southern Turkey. His grandfather and father had a background as mining tradering who owned two mining companies, Southern Mining and Gulf Mining, between 1954 and 2001. This historical background suggests that this family played a significant role in the development and operation of mining and transportation businesses in southern Turkey. Polatoglu Metal Co., Inc. is a company established by Polat himself at a young age, specifically when he was 21 years old. He continues to be actively involved in and work within the framework of this company. Also he has been operating Ercin Polat Interiors Design Services since 2016, as a sold trader company he founded in the United Kingdom. Additionally, he has a partnership with Twenty Three Interiors London LTD, bringing eighteen years of experience in interior design."

To learn a bit more about Polatoglu Metal Co., Inc. it's helpful to know that employing more than 400 people indicates the company's substantial presence and influence. It suggests a significant operational scale and impact on the job market. The company's registrations in countries like England, Iran, and Georgia highlight its broad international reach and presence in the global market. The headquarters in Istanbul/Beşiktaş Uygur Business Center and the factory in Azerbaijan's Musvik town, near Baku, provide insight into the company's physical locations and operational centers. Also to know more information about Polatoglu Metal Co., Inc's completed and ongoing projects, products, services, and the industry sectors it operates in, you can contact the company directly through the provided email address ( or by visiting its official website (

Notely, it is remarkable that Erçin Polat received a congratulatory plaque from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkiye in 2016 for his contributions to the completion of the Motherhood Education and Birth School in Iskenderun/Arsuz district. This recognition underscores his commitment to healthcare and maternity education and the importance of his contributions in this field.


Additionally, on October 4, 2023, an official letter was sent to the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the appointment of Polat as the country's representative in Azerbaijan. This appoining made by Mr. Türker Aygündüz of Chairman of the World Youth and Sports Confederation. Also the Confederation appreciates Polat's determination to further  started to be involved offically in government, international organizations, (GOs) to help facilitate and improve relations between the two brother countries.

To below links will be useful for accessing news and updates related to Erçin Polat and his activities:ğlu--1031170


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